Industry Specific Lean Six Sigma

At TYM we understand that standard training frameworks may not be applicable to all business types. Using the core foundations of the Lean and Six Sigma principles, our trainers can adapt their curriculum and teaching styles to tailor training programs for your team. You can rest assured that your employees will receive practical scenarios, examples and exercises directly related to their industry. Whether your seeking training solutions for Healthcare, Service, or Manufacturing professionals, our team has ample experience acclimatizing Lean Six Sigma methodologies to multiple business types.

Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare Professionals

Our healthcare system is a multifaceted ecosystem focused on bringing aid and comfort to patients and individuals in need. From patient arrival to patient release, there are countless processes and check points that have been implemented with the intent to regulate efficiency. Employing the Lean & Six Sigma principles into the lives of healthcare professionals has proven to reduce patient wait times, streamline medication and supply distribution time, simplify registration and documentation procedures.

Lean Six Sigma for Service Professionals

Members of the Service Industry are subject to execution and delivery challenges, as their work typically involves direct to customer relations. If not managed properly, these encounters could result in harmful and costly consequences for your business. Adapting the Lean & Six Sigma principles for service-based professionals will yield unprecedented results for your business. Service specific Lean and Six Sigma methods have been demonstrated to improve delivery times, reduce costs, and expand employer and company capacities.

Lean Six Sigma for Manufacturing Professionals

The basis of the Lean Six Sigma was developed specifically for manufacturing purposes. As the Manufacturing Industry has matured and evolved into a multifaceted, global marketplace of its own, those key Lean & Six Sigma principles have had to adapt as well. Using models developed specifically to your business, our team can adapt these core methods to implement the process changes needed in your business. Once applied, your business will benefit in terms of reduction in errors, cost savings, and declines in variability. Companies who employ Manufacturing specific Lean Six Sigma techniques experience drastic improvements in efficiency and profitability.