Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training is a specially developed, intricate business training methodology that is recognized world-wide. It has gained momentum and popularity in the corporate world due to one constant component – it works! Though there are several tiers to the program, Lean Six Sigma operates off of two key principles; increase efficiencies and eliminate waste. Lean Six Sigma focuses on fostering a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically eliminating waste. It combines lean manufacturing/ lean enterprise and Six Sigma to eliminate the eight kinds of waste.

The Lean Six Sigma Program can be applied to any type of business and warrants results in cost reduction and higher sales revenue. At TYM, our certified Six Sigma trainers have years of experience implementing the LSS teachings across different sectors, company sizes, and diverse business teams. With proper Six Sigma training, your team will learn to identify and eliminate “non-value add” services, reduce waste (excess time and effort) producing improvements across your business in speed, quality and cost.

Join the countless number of companies, managers, executives, and business owners who have empowered their business with the Six Sigma program.

The word ‘lean’ literally means without fat – and that’s exactly what Lean training programs aim to transform your business into, a lean system operating without excess. Lean Six Sigma training is a process of “cutting the fat” from your business operations, helping to streamline and remove processes that aren’t effective or efficient.

There are three levels and programs
within the Lean Six Sigma program:

Yellow Belt certification

Is an efficient way to learn the basics of Six Sigma. It is ideal for those who lead small to medium sized development initiatives.

Green Belt certification

Is ideal for those who are part of a Leadership or Management Team. Those individuals who oversee projects from inception to completion, an individual who determines risk factors, gathers data, implements processes, and leads execution.

Black Belt certification

Is for team leaders who manage large improvement efforts. This certification is geared toward executives and key decision makers within your company, with a focus on problem solving and new development initiatives.

Why Choose This Program?

Practical Applications

Though not always easy to achieve, the implementations of Lean Six Sigma methods are tangible practises and have real/direct impacts on your business operations

Career Advancement

Earning any of the Lean Six Sigma certifications gives you credibility amongst employers. You have been taught and are practising an explicit set of skills, that are desirable and recognized by employers.

Raise Company Morale

Once the Lean Six Sigma principles have been applied, your team will be working more effectively on both individual tasks and with each other. Improvements in process, time management, and productivity will allow employees to work faster and with greater ease, increasing their workplace satisfaction.

3 level training program

Whether basic, intermediate or advanced, the breadth of this program offers improvement components for individuals at any level

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By applying Lean Six Sigma principles customers will receive faster and more efficient service

Reductions in Business Spend

Improvements to your bottom line. By applying the teachings of Six Sigma your company will retain its revenue and eliminate unnecessary spending

Improve overall business understanding and analytical abilities

Offering Multiple Lean Six Sigma programs (Yellow, Green, and Green [light] Belts) our training courses use a mixture of classroom and workplace application to ensure that attendees are both learning the concepts and able to effectively apply them in real-life scenarios. Hands-on, interactive training includes:

Value Stream Mapping

Step-by-step process mapping identifying value-and non-value- added activities with your team and driving waste out of the process

Problem-Solving Root-Cause Analysis

Tools identifying the root causes of problems in your process

Kaizen Events

Short-term improvement projects with specific processes to practice working with your team to solve problems and implement change

Lean Six Sigma Training will empower your employees to improve processes by optimizing workflow, delivering higher quality work, and improving customer service – all while increasing your bottom line.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Development Managers
  • Operations Managers, Supervisors, and Directors
  • Team Leads
  • Program Managers, Project Managers, Account Managers
  • Analyst Teams
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Customer Service Leads
  • Continuous Improvement Managers & Business Process Managers
  • General Managers & Senior Executives

You’ll be amazed by the changes and improvements that training your employees in Lean Six Sigma principles can bring your business! You may also be surprised to know that Lean Six Sigma training is supported by government grants. There is no reason to wait: contact TYM Consulting to find out more about our training services today.